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Friday, December 9, 2011

Raindrops on roses! Whiskers on kittens!

What a title!

Every year around Christmas holidays, the song My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music comes into mind. I don't know who to blame? The commercials such as this one and this one or my mama who would sing this song in her best opera voice possible. (Love you, ma!)

When I was putting together a few of my favorite things (of food, of course) to feature on the blog, I wanted to cover two aspects. The first thing when I decide on purchasing or eating one food over another, I ask myself two questions, "How much do I like the taste?" and "how does it make me feel?" You see, nutritious and wholesome foods always make me feel great. But in all cases, some taste great and others don't. Take brussel sprouts for example, despite their nutritional stats I won't buy them because I don't prefer the taste. But, but, but chocolate on the other hand, like any type of chocolate cake that will send me straight into a sugar coma I will eat because I truly enjoy the taste. However, nothing makes my heart( and body, and jeans, and eyes... etc) happy when there is an equally delicious food as it is nutritious.

I realize most of you are on the go, or you and your grumbly stomachs don't particularly enjoy standing over a pot of oatmeal on the stove when you are running fifteen minutes late for work/class. That is completely understandable. If I had a dollar for every time I was running late, well I would be buying all of us good-for-you foods!

I have pictured a few of my favorite breakfasts and snack items that are healthy, tasteful, and convenient. Your kind of thing, right?

1. Chipotle Pepper Hummus: Hummus is a creamy, sometimes thick spread that comes in all kinds of flavors. You can even make it at home. If you are successful please tell me the trick because I fail every.single.time. Hummus punches in a lot of crucial nutrients, such as vitamins, protein, and healthy fats! When I am in a snacking mood I grab a handful of baby carrots alongside a spoonful of hummus. Hummus is also great in a sandwich, wrap, atop a salad, or served with pita chips.  

2. Laughing Cow Light Cheese: I am a cheese lover and that is an understatement. I use the Laughing Cow wedges to spread on top of English muffins for breakfast, alongside an apple for a snack, or just by itself. Again, there are all different flavors and for just 35 calories a wedge it is a treat that won't make you look like a cow, despite the name. <-- That was cheesy! 

3. Clif Mojo Bars: I love The Clif Bar company. Clif Bars were specifically made for high endurance activity like mountain climbers, bikers, and runners. They are low sugar and high protein, providing you with a significant amount of energy. These bars are perfect for a pre-workout or post-workout snack. The Mojo bars featured in the pictures are a perfect combination of sweet+salty. Now let's go pretend we climb mountains just so we can eat a peanut butter pretzel mojo!

4. Larabar: Larabars are exactly what the website explains, "pure and simple, just as nature intended." Every bar has less than 9 ingredients! I love eating these as an afternoon pick-me-up or sometimes chopped up and topped on greek yogurt. It's nice to know you are putting nothing but fruits, spice, and nuts into your body. I try to stay away from unknown ingredients as much as possible, and these are just the opposite.

5: Nut butter sample packets: Let me explain, before I read blogs or even thought about changing my eating habits I already had a thing for peanut butter. It wasn't until the past year that almond butter and sunflower seed butter was introduced to my healthy diet. I eat nut butter every.single.day. If it's not on top of my oatmeal or yogurt bowls or mixed into smoothies, it is eaten with sliced apple or carrots for a snack. And, since I'm being as truthful as possible, I sometimes eat by the spoon. Nut butter is a healthy fat that is VERY important in keeping a person satiated and maintaining weight and well-being. These sample packets are a perfect convenience food; grab an apple and a packet for a small breakfast or snack.

Those are just a few of my healthy snacks. I only snack when I am hungry or when I feel the need to fuel my body (which is too much). Also, I try to practice portion-control in order to save room for my next meal!

Have a great Friday!

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or registered dietitian. All of my thoughts and opinions are based off of my knowledge and research.

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