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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Made from the Home

Find a sharpie. The bottom of a tin can. A little paint and a four year old's fingerprint. 

and a ornament is made that puts that thirty dollar ornament you saw at the arts and crafts festival last weekend to shame.

Find a empty cone-shaped yarn spool. Plug up the glue gun. A little felt, wool felt, furry balls (POM-POMS!!!), and some patience...

and after 13 burns from hot glue and a few grown-up words later, you have santa cones that are cheaper and way cuter than the fat, cotton-filled Santa sitting on top of your mantle. 

Find a blank canvas. Some white lighted branches (after Christmas would be cheapest). Awful smelling moss. A little floral wire, paint, that stupid hot glue, and a patient boyfriend who helps (or takes over in my case) 

and after 16 burns from hot glue and 10 very stinky fingers later, wall art is created that makes you feel as creative as Martha Stewart or whatever her name is.

Find a mother who learns to sew for her four children. A nappy headed, thumb sucking two-year old who needs clothes. A creepy farm animal fabric. 

and there you have a outfit circa 1994 that screams, "Welcome to Georgia, folks!" Even though I decided to hip it up with my fedora and call the fabric "creepy" circa 2011, I have to admit my mama did a great job  and it was far from creepy then, especially on that nappy headed, thumb sucking two year old. 

And what would Clueless Nutrition be without a little food thrown in there. And no cousin, I'm not talking about the green smoothie I featured yesterday. I'm talking flour, sugar, and butter. 

and homemade donuts are created that will have the Krispy Kreme owner knocking at your door. Note: I will save myself the embarrassment of featuring the donuts from last night that were (not) so presentable. Hopefully you enjoy crumbs too. 

Any ideas, especially you Pinterest-ers, on what I may be burning my fingers and scarring the ears of my boyfriend and mother with today?

Special thanks to Pinterest, my mama, my boyfriend's mom, Hobby Lobby and Michael's for contributing to these projects.

Back to the food- Don't you worry, you "normal" eaters. I will be working on that buttery and sugary donut creation. In the meantime, I will not judge if you JUST HAVE TO stop at that flashing red sign. 

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